Sunday, July 13, 2014

JavaScript Does Not Execute Properly In Cluster WebLogicServer

Weblogic Server 10.3.6
BIGIP F5 Load Balancer
Oracle Linux 6
Oracle JDeveloper
IE 8 & FF 30

Recently, when I try to deploy an ADF Application in Production Weblogic 10.3.6 Cluster Environment,
got problem while loading a simple javascript function.

The release was an update to previous running application. In Javascript(.js) file I introduced a simple Javascript function.

It happened before too, whenever we deploy new release of ADF Application some Javascript function do not load.Either, we do UPDATE on existing application EAR file or completely remove and redeploy, js function do not load.

The strange thing is that, while testing locally in JDeveloper  IDE, function runs normally. We had already configured ADF Application for HA environment for Cluster Weblogic.

Please note that, while accessing application URL by LoadBalancer DNS Name, function was not loading
but by accessing Load Balancer IP Address it was working normally. Application URL was published by
Load Balancer DNS Name to the users.

The Weblogic Server configuration is -
Server 1 Machine
Node Manager 1
Managed Server 1

Server 2 Machine
Node Manager 2
Managed Server 2

We examined HTTP traffic between Browser & Load Balancer and that was normal.
Next, some of analysis we have done (IE 8 & FF 30) -
1. When hitting by IP address of Load Balancer, script is working - http://IPAddress:7003/appname/faces/login
2. When hitting by LoadBalancer name, script is not working - http://LoadBalancerName:7003/appname/faces/login
3. When hitting to managed server 1 by  IP address, its working - http://ManageSrv1-IPAddress:7003/appname/faces/login
4. When hitting to managed server 2 by  IP address, working - http://ManageSrv2-IPAddress:7003/appname/faces/login

We found the solution in F5 Configuration console, where we found Web Acceleration Profile was set to caching. On setting Web Accelertion Profile=None, resolves the issue instantly.

Navigate to -
Local Traffic  >  Virtual Servers : Virtual Server List  >  VS_WEBLOGIC_http_virtual > Web Acceleration Profile.