Wednesday, June 11, 2014

<DataControlFrameImpl> <findFirstDCUsageInFrameScope> Data Control usage collision In ADF Application

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While using Taskflows from reusable ADF Library encountered below error -

<DataControlFrameImpl> <findFirstDCUsageInFrameScope> Data Control usage collision on ApplicationModuleDataControl between and

In above case, a master application is adding a child application via ADF Library JAR File. Creation of ADF Library JAR File & adding to project source files is not discussed in this post.

The ADF Library JAR File is created in child application like below.


The attached ADF Library JAR File in master application can be seen from project properties.
Select ADF Library & click Edit button to open Edit Library Definition dialog.This should show ADF Library JAR File being used in master application.

While trying to run the application above mentioned error throws in log window.

While adding ADF Library JAR file from resource palette, a duplicate entry is added in master application's DataBindings.cpx file. The entry was found under dataControlUsage section.

<BC4JDataControl id="ApplicationModuleDataControl" .../>

The same DataControl is already exposed by ADF Library JAR File in project source file.

Removed the above entry from master application's DataBindings.cpx. 
This solved the issue. Now, re-running the application did not show collision error.