Monday, November 4, 2013

Solved - XML-22008: (Error) Namespace prefix 'ref' used but not declared in ADF Application

Oracle BI Publisher Desktop 10g

While running a report from ADF Application, throws error XML-22008: (Error) Namespace prefix 'ref' used but not declared. 
The Error was throwing while generating PDF output from XML DataSource. The method for generating report is ADF-BI Publisher Integration. See this post.

The source of error is RTF Template.

1. Open RTF template. Double Click a field to display properties dialog.

2. Click Add Help Text..
3. In Type your own section, write field name like this <?Brand?>, if  'ref0' or similar found.
4. Click OK in all dialogs & Save template.

If still encountering with same error, check all Fields in RTF Template.